A Real-world Path From Legacy communications to Digital

Mara Solutions leverages decades of know-how and strategic partnerships to help companies reduce their print and postage footprint, make a thoughtful transition to digital, adopt a culture of purposeful communications, and, ultimately, improve their customers’ experience.

Why Healthcare Companies Still Send So Much Mail

"I cannot make it out of a meeting or newsfeed scan without a mention of AI, behavior change, robotics, wearables, or engagement. Despite all these communication-related technology advances, I am unable to rid my USPS mailbox of these dot matrix letters and statements..."

Value Consulting

Any changes can have significant impacts on highly regulated and complex industries. Based on our experience, we can help you build a game plan to minimize operational risks, prioritize requirements, establish the right metrics to quantify and optimize your program, or help work on a real-time challenge.

Solution Development

There is no shortage of customer experience and communication solutions in the market. We can evaluate the right products and partners for your company based on your needs, systems, strategy, and culture.

Print to Digital Playbook

Moving from print to digital communications overnight isn’t a reality for any established and successful company. There are no ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to meet your company’s needs. You require a proven strategy and a variety of tactics that can be customized to start or accelerate your transition to digital communications.

Mara Solutions helps leaders in insurance and financial services move their communications from expensive and burdensome legacy print to digital.

We understand well-established, successful companies face unique challenges when transitioning to digital, like multiple claim applications, a mix of customer preferences, data issues, and both state and federal regulations to consider. They contend with all of this while running the business.

Mara Solutions leverages over two decades of experience leading one of the nation’s largest healthcare insurance companies to achieve adoption levels for digital communication that had never been achieved before. We work with the resources our clients have and within the realities and constraints of their business. Our niche experience, collaborative approach, intense focus on metrics and accountability, and execution capabilities through strategic partners provides clients with a real-world, actionable path to achieving electronic communication adoption levels well over 50%.

We are on a mission to help companies make a thoughtful transition to digital, adopt a culture of purposeful communications and, ultimately, improve their customer’s experience.

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Print to Digital Communications Playbook

Asset 8

Receive our Print-to-Digital solution playbook with the option to customize it based on your unique company needs.

  • How to start and build a business case
  • Leverage proven adoption strategies and tactics
  • Find the right technology and solution partners
  • Win organizational support
  • Use metrics and data to deliver savings
  • Avoid hidden pitfalls

Solution Development

Asset 40

Identify and evaluate software solutions, print service providers, and communication partners to meet your needs and accelerate the delivery of value to your company.

  • Customer engagement and design experts
  • Communication management software solutions
  • Digital communication platforms and services
  • Technology-focused print service providers

Value Consulting

Asset 23

Expert support dedicated and focused on your needs.

  • Category and product strategy
  • Solutions to address operational challenges and internal concerns
  • Cost-benefit analysis, KPIs and data needs
  • Proof of concept and test-and-learn strategies
  • Vendor analysis and negotiation
  • Mayday support – on-demand calls to help solve challenges as they arise

What Our Customers are saying

Over the past two decades, Jamie has partnered with my organization and me on a number of initiatives, from programs driving us to industry-leading digital adoption milestones to strategies to deliver differentiated, targeted consumer experiences.
The team delivered a new digital experience, which included new services, streamlined registration, stronger analytics capabilities and several enhanced journey experiences, for our entire book of business within 18 months. Notably, she achieved these strong qualitative and quantitative results with no disruption to our call centers.
Whether it was my initial experience of Jamie driving our first foray into digitizing our print and getting members to forego receiving paper, to her role being a critical member of my staff responsible for our contact center strategy, investments and delivery or as a peer responsible for driving member engagement, Jamie is never satisfied with the status quo.
[Jamie has] played a vital role in my success at Aetna. She made me think outside of the box like a great mentor, manager, and leader should! She was someone who I always idolized with a “get the job done” attitude and want to thank her for paving the way for me to do the same
Phil Nanfito
Business Consultant

About Me

I am a recovering Healthcare Insurance executive with an affinity for all aspects of problem solving and execution.

I am focused on helping companies make the transition from legacy print communications to digital experiences.